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Baltimore, Maryland
1988 Music Reviews

Artist: Album / Critic: Rating


Ace of Base: The Sign / David Thiypen: D

C.C. Lemonhead: Bass to Another Level / David Thiypen: B+

Carcass: Heartwork / Tom Sinclair: C+

Charlie Floyd: Charlie's Nite Life / Alanna Nash: B

Crowded House: Together Alone / David Thiypen: B

Kate Jacobs: The Calm Comes After / Michele Romero: B+

Marlee MacLeod: Drive Too Fast / Bob Cannon: B+

Melanie: Freedom Knows My Name / Bob Cannon: C

Ramones: Acid Eaters / Mike Flaherty: A–

Sonny Rollins: Old Flames / Chip Deffaa: A

Statler Brothers: Home / Alanna Nash: D

Steely Dan: Citizen Steely Dan / Chuck Eddy

Us3: Hand on the Torch / David Hajdu: A

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